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Thursday - November 20, 2003

I've been spending much of my time in front of computers lately developing software, so I have fallen behind on personal emails and blogging.  I really enjoy developing software, the whole process of it, design to finish.

I've been working on some fascinating projects in virtual microscopy lately, OK, I have been totally absorbed in them, yielding a few "firsts" and "breakthroughs" that are even amazing to me.  The development tools I have been using, some for a decade now, some new, really allow small teams to get complex projects completed rapidly.

For instance, one of the best and most forward thinking IDE's I have ever used to date is IntelliJ IDEA for Java.  Java is not my main language for development, but I have programmed in it for many years now, and I use it primarily for development of one of my companies virtual microscopy viewers, an applet for use in web browsers.  IDEA is just a sweet environment to work in if you are a real programmer, there are just some really cool features it has that I wish were incorporated into other IDE's at the moment.  As long as we are on Java, I also like to use Borland's JBuilder which I think I have been using since v3.  Both of these environments work on multiple platforms, (i.e. Linux, OS X, Windows) and moving my project between either IDE or any platform is easy.

My main choice of IDE for Windows development is Borland Delphi, since Delphi 1.  One of the easiest to use tools out there, yet deep enough for the professional.  I have built some very nice software with Delphi over the years.

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