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Friday - June 27, 2003

Several days ago I visited one of the American Board of Pathology testing centers to watch the virtual microscopy section of the test being taken.  As I entered the secure area, the first thing you notice after passing thru the reception area is 70 numbered cubicles each with a nice desk, microscope, computer and large monitor.   And each one of those cubicles was filled with a doctor taking an examination to be board certified.  It was very impressive for me to watch 65-70 people all using computers as their microscopes, and to realize my inventions have helped make that happen.

Our digital microscopy solutions are now being used in the board certification process along side traditional optical microscopy.  It would be difficult to find a better validation of the technology.  It struck me that we finally have achieved one of our goals of starting Bacus Laboratories , that is dramatically improving the way microscopy is practiced in medicine. 

We have worked years developing our scanning to produce professional diagnostic high quality digital microscope slides, to develop viewers that are fast and easy to use, and that can be integrated into other software such as the custom testing software that the American Board of Pathology has developed.  And servers to distribute large collections of slides to hundreds of students simultaneously, like we do daily at any one of the many medical universities that now teach with virtual microscopy.

Virtual microscopy is here to stay, and we will continue to invent, innovate and implement the solutions that will shape microscopy of the future.

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