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Friday - September 03, 2004

Downers Grove Corvette Night

Like many of the suburbs around Chicagoland, during the summer months Friday night is cruise night, and today it was Corvette night in the town where I live.  The weather was beautiful, perfect evening to take the Z06 for a spin and meet some of the people from

We cruised the main strip, then double backed and cruised down the Corvette strip where I was waved into a reserved Corvette parking place, a great spot.  I popped the hood, we sat down and talked to people for a bit.  Then we walked around town checking out all the nice rides, just as many cruising through as there were parked.

Stopped at the Irish pub and had some good beer, (I wish I could remember the name but I had never had it before), and dinner.  Then continued on checking out cars back to our original parking spot.  We decided to cruise the strip again and found all the guys parked down by the railroad tracks so we parked down there and checked out an entire new set of rides.

Here are a few pictures from this evening...

Click to enlarge

My Z06 on the main Corvette strip


Click to enlarge

An import model revving his engine behind my Z


Click to enlarge

Not hers!


Click to enlarge



Click to enlarge

Rides parked along the main Corvette strip


Click to enlarge

I spotted my neighbors car parked on main street


Click to enlarge

Jason's highly modified 1998 Coupe


Click to enlarge

Tommy and Jason's rides


Click to enlarge parking down by the railroad tracks



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