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Saturday - January 15, 2005

Corvette C6 Z06This was one heck of a week for new products.  Chevrolet officially announced the C6 Z06, yes we have seen the pictures floating around the net, but the embargo is over now and the pictures turned out to be real.  Here is a gallery of the new Z06 pictures.  Could this be my next car?  I guess it depends on the price which has not been announced yet.  I like my '02 Z06 quite a bit, I hope Chevy can hold on to a similar price performance ratio.

Apple Mac miniApple was at it as well, announcing a variety of new hardware and software products.  Some of their products were also prereleased on the net, and the rumors of a headless Mac turned out to be true.  The new products that caught my eye were iLife '05 because I use that software often, the new flash based iPod shuffle, and the new Mac mini.

I have a first generation 20gb iPod, that I use all the time.  I have a mount for it in my Z06, but I could see buying an iPod shuffle, loading it up and leaving it in the car.  I will buy iLife, I use that software all the time and I want the upgrade.  The Mac mini is cute, I want a reason to buy one (and may find one) but I already have a pretty good G4 based iMac.  My next Mac should be dual G5 based, ready for all the 64 bit goodness of Tiger, the new Mac OS. 

As many of you know, I use a Mac side by side with my Windows computer, developing software applications.   Any of my friends looking to try out a Mac, the mini looks to be a great deal.  This looks like it's going to be a great way to try that out for yourself, it's better than you think.


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