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Sunday - May 15, 2005

Great Lakes High Speed Series 2005 - Autobahn Country Club

Back again after a fantastic day on Saturday.  Today we get to drive on the South track at  I am much more relaxed today, and after the drivers meeting I went out on the track with Jimmy and Johnny and started to learn the line.  The south track is longer at just over two miles, and with several nice straights the speeds are faster.

Johnny checking out the Red Bull machines at the track, you know I like this!

We took a break and let the vettes cool down, I had a Red Bull and we discussed the lines we were trying and driving.  Johnny wasn't with us on Saturday, so he's even more amp'ed up than we are.  Our group is announced and we go out for another 20 minute session.  This is even better, the track is flowing and my Z06 is feeling at home, this car is so comfortable on the track at speed.  I got to running with a Grand Sport in this session, he was running race tires and I wasn't.  Eventually he ran me down in the curves so I waved him by but stuck with him and watch his line.  When we hit the straights I could make everything back up and also easily out brake him.  A few laps of that and I think he overheated his brakes (they were smoking like crazy at the end of the long straights, there's nothing like that smell), he waved me by and I easily walked away.  Maybe I was just learning the track a little better.  We got the checkered flag and took a cool down lap, and drove back into the pits. 

I was inspecting my car after the session, and noticed both of my front tires were corded on the inside tread.  I still needed to drive home, so that was the end of my day.  Rene did offer me a set scuff Hoosiers to finish the day off, but I forgot my safety key for the lugs so I really was finished.  I really did appreciate the offer, very friendly people in the Corvette community at the track.  Jimmy ran the time trials and I helped work the corners and shot pictures.

Jimmy braking his Z06 hard into the corner

Working the corners gave me a chance to watch everyones lines and take a bunch of pictures.  Here is a link to picture gallery of the shots I took today.   I did make it home on my worn out tires, and I am ready to get a new set of Nitto R2's, they sure seem to be working for Jimmy.


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