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Saturday - June 25, 2005

Chicago Crew cruises to Bloomington Gold

A double row of Chicago Crew vettes cruise to Bloomington Gold

Another busy but good week at work, and I am home this weekend.  That will be nice, but there is still so much to do in June.  Saturday morning the Chicago Crew is meeting and going to cruise in together to Bloomington Gold.  The pace was regulated, the LEO is always out in force on this weekend.  We got a special reserved parking spot for the forum members that worked out real well, so we all got to enter through a special entrance, and park as a group together.  What a way to make an entrance, there are some special cars in this group for sure.

The new C6 Z06 in orange

I wanted to go see the new C6 Z06, one was supposed to be here.  And I wasn't disappointed, they had an orange one on display.  It looked like it had been driven, it wasn't that clean but it sure was impressive.  This is the second time I have seen one in person, it sure is growing on me.

I like the flaired fenders on the new Z06

Sneidley and I walked around and hunted deals, but not before we stopped at the food court and had lunch before the crowds all decided to do the same.  Last year I found a custom mount for my G-Tech Pro that replaced the ashtray, and we both ended up going to a high performance driving school ( that we met the owners of last year.  The spread is huge here, you can literally spend all day walking around seeing and buying Corvette stuff.  This year I was looking for a good deal on a set of long tube headers.  Sneidley is a good guy to go shopping with, we narrowed my deal down to a set of SuperMAXX headers, and a call to my vette tech. Rick, ( to make sure it was compatible and that would install it, and struck a deal.  Sneidley was easily finding all the stuff he wanted, and I could see him wondering if he should buy some headers too.  It was really hot out today, well over 100 so we decided we would head out before the mass exit of cars and crank up that air conditioning and enjoy the drive home.

Here is a photo gallery of some of the shots I took today at Bloomington Gold.

I was able to get home and relax for a bit before Rae and I got in the vette and headed down to Big Fish's annual Bloomington Gold BBQ.  This was the first time we went, but I heard it was not to be missed.  We followed his excellent online map from the forum, found it easily, and were guided into the parking spot, the neighbor yard across the street!  Apparently he was car crazy as us, as you can see by the size of his garage in the background of the picture below.

My Z06 parked at the Big Fish BBQ

This was one of the best BBQ's of the summer for sure.  The food was excellent, as well as the company.  Big Fish's son was over, and asked his Dad which vette he should go in for a fast ride.  I was his first choice... heh heh heh, it was a compliment with all the vehicles in attendance, but he knows I drive mine like it should.  It turns out he was a motorcycle racer, so it was pretty cool little cruise, he knew of the local roads where we could wind up the car a bit.

Chicago Crew vettes at the Big Fish BBQ

I got back to the BBQ, found Rae and we had some dessert and socialized with the crew some more.  We finished the day by taking a nice route home, it was just a beautiful clear summer evening.

Here is a small photo gallery of shots at the BBQ.  I shot more, but many didn't turn out because it was dark out.  I need to work on getting better at night shots.


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