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Sunday - July 17, 2005

Airport Cruise In II

The main hangar where the BBQ was held

A local boy checks out the remains from a Chicago Crew burnout

Catch of the day, the guts of someone's back tires

The second annual Airport Cruise In is an event where the Chicago Crew Corvette enthusiasts caravan out to the New Lennox airport and basically use the airstrips for Autocross, Drag Racing and burnout contests with a nice BBQ thrown in so no one goes hungry.  This was my first time to the event, and I can't believe the crazy time we had.

The morning consisted of runs on the autocross track, which is basically a course setup with safety cones.  I think everyone was getting a laugh out of either trying it out for themselves or just watching others try.  The certainly were a variety of techniques, from cautious to letting it hang out large.  Simon Stern, spinning your Z16 1.5 times through the finish line, killing the engine and coasting back into the owners pickup truck was the best I saw!  No damage done.

Video of some of the Autocross action

After the autocross session we went back to the hangar and I grabbed a quick bite to eat with Jimmy P.  He didn't autocross but was real excited to go drag racing.  I had never done any drag racing with a full tree light system, and doing it on a airstrip was even cooler in my mind.  So we went out first and started taking runs for fun.  I could quickly see Jimmy was right at home on the drag strip as he schooled me on each run, but I was still giggling like a 16 year old boy with a new drivers license.  Soon others belted down their BBQ and started joining us, we were just calling out each other and lining up, it was a blast.  When everyone was out they setup the single elimination drag racing contest and we started for real.  I made it through two cars before I was eliminated, better than I thought I would do.  Most of these guys are much better on the drag strip than they are on the autocross course, and their cars are setup for drag racing.  I thought the best part was just the informal call out drag racing we did before, but it was all good.

Video of some of the Drag Racing action

A brief shower cooled down the temperatures after the drag racing

We got a bit of rain as we finished drag racing, most of these cars never see rain but that didn't seem to bother many.  It was so hot out all day (well over 105) that the rain felt good.  We let things dry out a bit and went into a burnout session/contest.  Tommy trailered in a vette just to do this, guys in the Chicago Crew do things as big and large as they can, I am always amazed.  Starting things off was Randy, who spun the tires off of his wifes vette.

Video of Randy's burnout

This was followed by a burnout from Tommy that wasn't going to be out done by anyone that day.

Video of Tommy's winning burnout

This is what was left of Tommy's tires

This is why I like to hang out with the Chicago Crew, these guys really know how to have fun with their Corvettes.  Here is a photo gallery of some of the better shots I took during the day.

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