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Archive for year 2002

Permanent link to archive for 24/12/02.Tue, 24 December 2002

Baron ("Bear") sits in front of the Bacus family Christmas tree after chasing a few squirrels in the snowy backyard.Click on the image for a full size view

Click on the image for a full size view.

Permanent link to archive for 10/12/02.Tue, 10 December 2002

I just backed up all my model settings in my JR 10x R/C transmitter, not only is it the right time of the season for that but it turns out I can help some others out.  I offered to send my settings to a person on RCSE, and of course a half dozen other people wanted them as well after they read the post.  It will be easier for me just to put them online for everyone to share instead of sending multiple individual copies out.

I have been using the JR 10x for about 2 and a half contest seasons now, it's performed flawlessly and it's by far the best radio I have ever owned.  One of the features I bought it for was the computer interface called DataSafe.  This allows the program for each model to be backed up to or restored from a Windows based computer via an RS-232 port.  The operation is very simple, I don't need to detail it here, but it is similar to transferring programs between two transmitters.  The data files are small, so it's easy to store many models and it's also easy to e-mail or share them on the Internet like I am going to do here.

A little overview on what knobs do what on the TX with my setup loaded.  This is mostly a collection of what I have learned over many years from some very savvy F3J / TD contest pilots, it probably has a local Chicago SOAR club influence to it as well.  The guys I fly with use all brands, but we generally put the controls in the same locations so we can fly each others models with minimal surprise factor.  A picture is worth a thousand words in this instance...Click on the image for a full size view (you can click on the picture on the right for a full size view).

My Launch Mode switch is known as the Flap Mode switch on the JR 10x.  On my setup pulling the switch to the bottom position engages launch mode, the upper two positions turn it off.  I use the Snap Roll button for Reflex, since this switch is momentary there is no chance of accidentally leaving it on.  The AUX 2 switch must be in the upper position for the Reflex button to be engaged.  I have setup full trailing edge camber on what is called the Flap Lever on the 10x, a little goes a long way on my setup, I only bring it down 5 or 6 clicks on my ICON for camber.  It's setup so you can use more for hi start launching without using the Launch Mode switch.  The Throttle Stick becomes the Landing Mode Stick, when the Stick is in the up most position the Landing mode is clean, and as you pull it down it progressively brakes harder.  You will notice some very personal mixing on my Landing Mode setup, I like the entire trailing edge to come down slightly first to a point, and then the ailerons go to neutral and then butterfly.  Of course there is some elevator mixing going into this as well.

The whole point of putting Camber on the left slide lever and Landing Mode on the throttle stick is NOT to have two separate modes on the throttle stick.  Sharing the throttle stick for Camber and Landing mode is a bad idea, and will eventually lead to a missed landing points, shin prints in the leading edge of your wing, etc...

The AUX 4 and AUX 5 knobs are deactivated, I don't use the Gear switch for TD setups either.  I don't use dual (triple) rates on my setups, minimizes on the number of important switches for volunteers in the impound to accidentally switch. 

I am currently flying a F3J ICON Lite, a F3J ICON, a F3J Cobra, a Schpot Dorker and an Organic on the JR 10x.  I've put the setups to all the competition models in my quiver in one zip file which you can download here.

When you un-zip them they need to go into the folder named C:\DataSafe\JR\10X\AIRPLANE

I would suggest that you try these setups on flight pack that is located outside of your model and sitting on your workbench, with all the servos taped to the table in their respective locations so you can see how everything operates.  If you must try it in your model I suggest that you unhook all the linkages first.

By the way, my radio setups are backed up and online on a server, are your precious setups backed up?  8-)

Permanent link to archive for 05/12/02.Thu, 05 December 2002

I built my ICQ status flower into the navigation panel.  I think I will do the same with my Web Site Visitor Log counter.  I am starting to get the hang of CityDesk.

Permanent link to archive for 04/12/02.Wed, 04 December 2002

I am going to try content management software to update my site, just to make life a little easier.  It looks like CityDesk has what I have been looking for, although there is a bit of a learning curve setting it up.  After I get it set up, updating my site should become much easier.

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