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Archive for the year 2008

Permanent link to archive for 27/05/08.Tue, 27 May 2008

Rest In Peace - "Bear" 10/5/1994 - 5/27/2008

Today I lost a great companion and friend, one of the best dogs I have ever known.  "Bear" Ch. Stone Ridge Fairewood Flyer, C.D. was a show dog and a champion in his early days before he lived with me.  Then he went on to become a stud dog and sired 37 litters, many of these dogs also became champions.  My ex-wife and I acquired "Bear" when he was age 6, shortly after our Airedale "Hecky" succumbed to cancer.  We thought about a new puppy, but renowned Airedale breeder Janet Framke introduced us to "Bear" and wanted him to go to a home that was comfortable with Airedales, and would allow him to retire comfortably in style.  It was a perfect match and he made a place for himself instantly with us.  He did retire in style, he had a fenced in backyard that he could patrol at will for rabbits and give chase, he enjoyed a one hour walk around the neighborhood nightly regardless of the weather, always the first to greet me at the door after work with a steady bark, ready to go.  He lived a healthy, enjoyable life and was an intelligent and very happy dog.  Sadly, "Bear's" liver failed on Memorial Day and although we did everything we could for him, there was no way for him to recover from this.  His suffering was minimal, he was a perfectly healthy dog just a week ago.  Right to the very end, he shared his love with us and always wanted to make us happy.

I am truly heartbroken from this loss.


The next picture was sent to me by Rhonda, this was her all time favorite picture taken just after we got Bear.  Janet Framke asked her to brush his face show style and take a picture for her records.  Bear just closed his eyes and showed his attitude.



Permanent link to archive for 03/04/08.Thu, 03 April 2008

Vintage Ferrari

Here's a club members car I photographed last year at the track.  The engine sound was raw, pure Ferrari... this car is magnificent!

Vintage Ferrari

Vintage Ferrari

Vintage Ferrari

Vintage Ferrari


Permanent link to archive for 01/04/08.Tue, 01 April 2008

Opening day 2008 - Autobahn Country Club

Well the day started off with a light dusting of snow, and since I worked today I didn't head out to the track.  I did hear there was one brave soul out driving today, I hope to get out there this weekend.  I am really anxious to drive the track, it's been a long winter.  By the way, the Autobahn CC has updated their web site for 2008.


Permanent link to archive for 30/03/08.Sun, 30 March 2008

Fail Dogs

I have to admit I got a chuckle or two looking at this web site:


Permanent link to archive for 29/03/08.Sat, 29 March 2008


Personally I don't watch that much TV, but this web site might be interesting to those of you that do...


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