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James V. Bacus

Born in Michigan, although I have spent most of my life living in the suburbs of Chicago.

I've grown up with computers, which doesn't seem such an odd thing to say these days, but there was no such thing as a personal computer when I started with them.  My first home computer was a DEC PDP 11/20 with 24 kb of wire core memory which I built from old parts from my fathers lab.  Had to bootstrap it by hand toggling the registers with switches on the front panel, the days when computers had lots of lights and switches on the front, old school.  I remember my father bringing home a teletype with an acoustical 300 baud modem to connect to the mainframe at the lab and being "online" in the very early 70's.  I've seen the mainframe, microcomputer and personal computer evolution and have participated and contributed through these eras professionally, particularly with microscope based computer imaging.

I was Director of Software and Hardware R&D at Cell Analysis Systems, Inc. a company that was eventually acquired by Becton Dickinson.  During my eight plus years at CAS and one year at BD we basically introduced microscope imaging to the pathology community.  I was an integral member of a team that designed several very successful microscope based imaging systems, including the CAS 100 and the CAS 200.  I became a professional inventor June 8, 1993 with my first patent, 5,218,645 Method and apparatus for separating cell objects for analysis.  This invention implemented scene segmentation by cutting at least two cells apart by drawing a line with a computer mouse and a cursor, or drawing a line around a group of cells to be measured on an image.  This might seem like a very common thing these days, as it is a standard feature in almost every software application that deals with microscope image analysis, but I implemented it well before anyone else had thought about doing it.   I was named inventor on three other patents during my productive career at CAS, 5,428,690  5,473,706  and 5,546,323.  The later patent '323 was a particularly interesting bit of work and research with my father.  It involved determining the tissue section thickness of a tissue sample on a microscope slide by using image analysis on cells measured off of the slide.  Together we wrote a paper on this research and it was published.  We were getting our first knowledge of how uneven and un-uniform a microscope tissue specimen surface was.  The CAS 200 inventors (which I was one of) each earned a R&D 100 award, and the system was showcased for a month in the Chicago Science and Industry museum.  There were over 450 CAS systems sold world wide, many are still in use today, a tribute to their solid design.  There are still companies trying to accomplish what we did back then with today's technology, and still haven't met those goals.

Currently I am Vice President and founding partner of Bacus Laboratories, Inc., a company that has invented a solution to scan microscope slides at very high resolution and is providing products with that technology in a number of areas.  I am named inventor on twelve new patents for Bacus Laboratories, many in the field of virtual microscopy where my ideas have made this technique practical with today's technology.

Although I am passionate about my research and work, I like to spend time driving and making "mods" to my Z06 Corvette, and I also enjoy competing in R/C soaring contests.  I fly unlimited TD and F3J, my model of choice for the past seven seasons is the ICON Lite hand made by Don Peters of Maple Leaf Design.  As I am a member of Team JR, naturally all my radio gear is JR.  I prefer JR 10X or 9303 transmitters, JR 649S or 710 receivers, JR 368 and JR 3421 digital servos.  I have competed in two USA F3J team selections, eight national championships, seven seasons of the Ohio Valley Soaring Series (OVSS), and countless Chicago SOAR club contests.  I am the past OVSS Champion in 2002, Texas National TNT Champion in 2004, and OVSS Champion in 2005.


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