Essay about travel

Here is an essay about travel:

Traveling is an opportunity to combine worlds. To get out of the habitual space and rhythm of life and find yourself in otherness means to know yourself new, to go beyond the ordinary.

The journey begins long before the moment of crossing this border: from dreams of traveling, looking at photos of sights, guessing your own route. And also with the impatient expectation of a planned date and anticipation of the event.

For me, travel is immeasurably more valuable when it turns into co-being, that is, a collective journey. Over the past ten years, together with friends, colleagues, students, we managed to make about 50 such trips. We visited almost all interesting places in Ukraine (at least, those that could be reached by a sightseeing bus). Happiness, when the idea “germinates”, is realized and inspires your environment!

Each of our excursions was necessarily accompanied by a study and a story about the places where we were going, people, stories. Together, we have repeatedly experienced the joy of meeting with familiar names on various trips. “Do you remember this architect working there?”; “And we met this name in that museum …” At such moments you feel the involvement of history …

In an unusual way, the theme of wanderings was also intertwined in our musical and pedagogical project “Young Opera”, which since its inception began to be accompanied by tours, and a little later the activities of the collective began to be planned in the context of travel. Thus, the work on the opera “The Night Before Christmas” naturally continued on a journey through the “Gogol sites” of Ukraine; production of “Prince Igor” by A.P. Borodin – on the places of Igor Svyatoslav’s campaign in Putivl and Novgorod-Seversky. The path with the performances of N.A. Rimsky-Korsakov “Sadko” and “Kitezh” brought us to Russia: through the “holy places of musicians” – to museums of Russian composers. We visited Novgorod, the cities of the Golden Ring of Russia and even to the protected lake Svetloyar.

Each such thematic trip is not only an opportunity to perform with a performance in the context of space, but also, again, to combine worlds. This time – real and artistic. Seeing with your own eyes what I sang and played on the stage, to feel the breath of time is incomparable happiness.

Now you have read an essay about travel.

What are the parts of an essay?

The structure of the essay depends entirely on what demands are made on it. But there are two features that must be taken into account when writing such a work.

Firstly, this is what the author’s thought should be presented in the form of small sketches interlaced with each other. Secondly, each sketch must have a rationale, so that there is a clear idea of ​​what the author says.

Many schoolchildren and students often ask questions – what to write in an essay? The essay may contain facts, phenomena from public sources, some events from life. The best way to use this approach is one conclusion and three rationales for it. Thus, the essay will receive a certain ring-shaped structure. What are the parts of an essay?

Typical essay plan

  • Introduction;
  • Theses and arguments;
  • Conclusions

It should also be noted that both in the introduction and in the conclusion, attention should be clearly focused on the problem. In the introduction, the problem should be described, and in the conclusion a summary is given on how to solve it. The essay should be divided into paragraphs of 3-4 sentences. Red lines are used, a clear link is established between paragraphs. It is necessary to achieve the integrity of the work.

What are the parts of an essay? What style should be used?

There are no clear requirements for the essay style. Depending on what topic the work is written. If we consider the most inherent styles for an essay, then we can distinguish an artistic style with notes of emotionality and even expression. This can be achieved by using short sentences with different intonations. With the help of well-chosen style, you can fully describe your personality to the reader.

If you describe your personal qualities in an essay, will you be sure that you really possess them? When exactly do you have these qualities?

So, if you can answer all these questions, then you should end up with a structured essay. That is, you will have a small thesis that you will consider as a question. Next you will answer your questions.

What is a research paper?

All university students are faced with writing research papers. Before that, they pass the first year of study, comprehending the basic disciplines, the middle of passing or the conclusion of reading of which will be marked by passing the research paper. Many people ask the question: “What is a research paper?” Previously, students carried out checklists, prepared reports for seminars, wrote essays, and now it’s time to create works more seriously. These include reseach paper.

What is a research paper? It is a scientific work.

A research paper is a type of student learning work, in which there are elements of independent scientific research. Writing such creations prepares students for the creation of the main work that serves as the result of the training: a thesis.

Writing research paper develops such trainee skills as choosing and clearly formulating the research topic, collecting suitable material using scientific literature and sources, sorting and logical systematization of the collected material, writing an understandable text in compliance with the necessary generally accepted rules and important design standards.

Research paper is aimed at the development of skills related to the search and understanding of the necessary information, which goes beyond the clear scope of the list of established and compulsory literature. In the course of its execution, a student learns to analyze sources, correctly state the results obtained in studies.

The paper has a creation algorithm that is not considered difficult, the main thing is to follow it.

What is a research paper?

To create a  research paper, first of all, it is necessary to understand its structure. First of all, you need to choose a topic, then make a outline and start collecting materials. After finding a large amount of information on the issue of research, it is necessary to analyze the sources, scientific literature, highlighting the main points, structures, definitions. Then you need to write a preliminary version of the text. Then make the necessary changes and additions. And the result of the work will be the design of the text of the research paper.

Remember that research paper is an independent complex project, when writing which you solve educational and research problems of a creative nature. Therefore, the material for it is not copied from the Internet, but is passed through the prism of its own “I” and is written by you personally.

How to start off a research paper?

An introduction is a rationale and proof of the importance of the topic under consideration for science, technology or the chosen specialization. The introduction is also a brief digression; that is, the introduction introduces the reader to the essence of the problem, introduces the reader to the topic or task. It would seem – it is clear and what else to explain. So how to start off a research paper?

So, the peculiarity of writing an introduction is that each statement must be proved. A clear explanation should be given to each statement.

How to start off a research paper when writing an introduction:

1. justify the relevance of the topic for science or technology;

Here it is necessary to say about the importance of studying or using this physical phenomenon at the present time; the reason for this attention should be explained.

2. show who and where is actively engaged in this topic now;

This part vividly characterizes us as professionals. We must know our colleagues and competitors and understand why they spend their time and money on work in this field of knowledge. This part also proves the relevance of the topic.

3. focus on the tasks being solved today;

Here it is necessary to show the problems being solved at present, and to support the statements with references to the literature.

4. give some specific examples of such tasks;

Take a closer look at one of the tasks and show the physical processes that determine the advantages that interest you. This part will convince the reader that the author of the essay understands the essence of the problem, phenomenon, technology, devices, etc.

5. highlight the significant, bright result obtained recently;

The interest of researchers in a physical phenomenon or technology is usually associated with new or high-profile results expected in the near future.

6. show what distinguishes your approach to solving the problem;

This is the main part. The reader should understand your intentions and be interested in the next chapter. Do not speak out foggy. The ultimate clarity of a scientific statement is your success.

7. Formulate three to five questions that would reflect your interest in the topic;

If we understand what we are talking about, then it is not difficult for us to pose, ask, formulate questions to our topic. The reader sees – in front of him a specialist.

Research paper

Research paper is written on a slender present day topic. Its novelty and importance – the important issue when choosing. You have to get a topic on the department or come up with it yourself. In both cases, you approve it with your supervisor.

There are various goals for writing lookup paper:

  • To find out about the primary methods of scientific research
  • Teach plan papers
  • Give impetus to the development of scientific and creative abilities

The lookup paper consists of a number of parts: introduction, essential part, conclusions. The main part consists of theory and practice. So you get at least two sections. First, a pupil research existing theories, tactics facts on a chosen topic, and conducts a full analysis. After that, the sensible facet of the topic is considered. A precise example is taken and analyzed on the groundwork of theory.

Also lookup paper consists of a title page, desk of contents, list of used literature, applications. Introduction is an introductory phrase to work. Written in a particular pattern. It should point out the object, subject, goals, objectives, research techniques and different information. Here the essence of the work is quickly signed.

As for applications, in them the student gives all the extra records that he considers essential or visual. These may also be diagrams, images, documents, or other substances referred to in the work.

Research paper

Since this is a scientific work, the requirements for its look are imposed on it.

Research paper is written on the one hand A4. Fields on the page: 2 cm above and below, 3 cm on the left, 1 cm on the right. The textual content font is Times New Roman. Font size – 14 pt. The interval between the lines is 1.5pt.

Research paper is a little work. Its extent is 25-30 pages. Applications are now not included in the total. Applications can be any number.

The student writes a research paper with the supervisor. He in many instances bring his research, show work at all levels of writing, consult and listen to advice.

You can write a job at home, in a library or college – where it will be extra convenient for you.

After writing, time period paper have to ignore control, be signed via the supervisor and allowed to protect. The manager have to additionally write a assessment about the paper.