Essay about travel

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Here is an essay about travel:

Traveling is an opportunity to combine worlds. To get out of the habitual space and rhythm of life and find yourself in otherness means to know yourself new, to go beyond the ordinary.

The journey begins long before the moment of crossing this border: from dreams of traveling, looking at photos of sights, guessing your own route. And also with the impatient expectation of a planned date and anticipation of the event.

For me, travel is immeasurably more valuable when it turns into co-being, that is, a collective journey. Over the past ten years, together with friends, colleagues, students, we managed to make about 50 such trips. We visited almost all interesting places in Ukraine (at least, those that could be reached by a sightseeing bus). Happiness, when the idea “germinates”, is realized and inspires your environment!

Each of our excursions was necessarily accompanied by a study and a story about the places where we were going, people, stories. Together, we have repeatedly experienced the joy of meeting with familiar names on various trips. “Do you remember this architect working there?”; “And we met this name in that museum …” At such moments you feel the involvement of history …

In an unusual way, the theme of wanderings was also intertwined in our musical and pedagogical project “Young Opera”, which since its inception began to be accompanied by tours, and a little later the activities of the collective began to be planned in the context of travel. Thus, the work on the opera “The Night Before Christmas” naturally continued on a journey through the “Gogol sites” of Ukraine; production of “Prince Igor” by A.P. Borodin – on the places of Igor Svyatoslav’s campaign in Putivl and Novgorod-Seversky. The path with the performances of N.A. Rimsky-Korsakov “Sadko” and “Kitezh” brought us to Russia: through the “holy places of musicians” – to museums of Russian composers. We visited Novgorod, the cities of the Golden Ring of Russia and even to the protected lake Svetloyar.

Each such thematic trip is not only an opportunity to perform with a performance in the context of space, but also, again, to combine worlds. This time – real and artistic. Seeing with your own eyes what I sang and played on the stage, to feel the breath of time is incomparable happiness.

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