What are the parts of an essay?

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The structure of the essay depends entirely on what demands are made on it. But there are two features that must be taken into account when writing such a work.

Firstly, this is what the author’s thought should be presented in the form of small sketches interlaced with each other. Secondly, each sketch must have a rationale, so that there is a clear idea of ​​what the author says.

Many schoolchildren and students often ask questions – what to write in an essay? The essay may contain facts, phenomena from public sources, some events from life. The best way to use this approach is one conclusion and three rationales for it. Thus, the essay will receive a certain ring-shaped structure. What are the parts of an essay?

Typical essay plan

  • Introduction;
  • Theses and arguments;
  • Conclusions

It should also be noted that both in the introduction and in the conclusion, attention should be clearly focused on the problem. In the introduction, the problem should be described, and in the conclusion a summary is given on how to solve it. The essay should be divided into paragraphs of 3-4 sentences. Red lines are used, a clear link is established between paragraphs. It is necessary to achieve the integrity of the work.

What are the parts of an essay? What style should be used?

There are no clear requirements for the essay style. Depending on what topic the work is written. If we consider the most inherent styles for an essay, then we can distinguish an artistic style with notes of emotionality and even expression. This can be achieved by using short sentences with different intonations. With the help of well-chosen style, you can fully describe your personality to the reader.

If you describe your personal qualities in an essay, will you be sure that you really possess them? When exactly do you have these qualities?

So, if you can answer all these questions, then you should end up with a structured essay. That is, you will have a small thesis that you will consider as a question. Next you will answer your questions.